L-House Bedrooms and Baths

The left side of the dining room opens up into the hallway that leads down to 4 bedrooms: three small ones to the left with a bathroom to the right, and the last door to the right leads down to the master bedroom.


The three bedrooms were essentially identical square-ish rooms with a good sized window and small closet.


All we did in here was to scrape off the popcorn ceilings, new paint, molding, floors, light, door, and window.  So basically, everything new but was an inexpensive fix since we didn’t change anything structurally.  The closet doors got a fresh coat of white paint.  The trim around the closet was a dated gold color, but the contractor spray painted it white, which I thought was a great idea.  Wall color is Behr Ground Fog.


The hallway bath is small and very dark with no windows, so I wanted everything to be lightened up in here and the vanity size reduced.

Hallway Bathroom

We installed a white subway tile and painted the bathroom Behr Subtle Touch.  Originally, I wanted to go with a pedestal sink, to make the bathroom seem more spacious, but my contractor convinced me to go with this small vanity, which had about the same footprint as a pedestal sink, but would allow the owners some space for storage.  If it were me, I still would have gone with a pedestal sink, but it made sense to me that people would want storage in their bathrooms.  The vanity mirror is from Home Goods.  To the right of the vanity, there is a mirrored recessed medicine cabinet for added storage.  The flooring which you can’t really see from the photos is the same gray tile that is in the kitchen/entry way.  One thing my real estate agent pointed out is to move the shampoo holder from under the shower head, to the opposite end.  Just a tip to keep shampoo bottles cleaner and out of the water.  By the time she saw this, the contractor already installed it and I did not think to give him any instructions on where to put the soap and shampoo holders.


The master bedroom entry way was originally a set of double doors.  For such a small room, it didn’t make sense to have double doors, and also made furniture placement more difficult.

Master Bedroom

We dry walled a section and had it changed to a single door, which I thought made a big improvement to the functionality and aesthetics of the room.  A darker gray was used for the master bedroom, Behr Dolphin Fin, as I wanted a bit more contrast with the molding here, and wanted it to feel warmer and cozier.  In the pictures, it looks the same as the other bedrooms, but in person, the color looked a bit richer.  The double sliding doors leads to out the same pergola as the adjoining family room.  Again, we kept the closet doors and spray painted the trim white.  The room is not big, but is nice and cozy and can fit a king sized bed.


The old master bath was  tiny, with only a narrow shower and toilet enclosed, and the single vanity and closet open to the the rest of the room.

Master Bathroom

Here, I enclosed the vanity into the bathroom and was able to fit double sinks, a wide shower, and a linen closet into this space.  This is much better sized master bath and is in line with scale of the rest of the house.  My contractor found this white vanity with a marble top as I really wanted to incorporate some marble in the bathroom.  The vanity lights are from Joss and Main and are really well priced.  I’d like to use the black ones for another project as black seems to be very on trend right now, and I actually really like it.  The nobs and pulls are the same ones we used in the kitchen.  The mirrors I picked up at Home Goods and was lucky to find two matching mirrors.  I  think they make the bathroom look higher end with the matte gold trim and feel pretty substantial.


On the shower side, we incorporated some marble trim on the edges and on the seat and recessed nook (on the wall opposite the shower head).  I really liked the simple white and gray basket weave tile from Home Depot we put on the shower floor as it was nice, and affordable.  The contractor also found a decent looking shower frame within budget, though I would have opted for frame-less.  However, this framed one really didn’t look too bad.  To the left of the shower door, we were able to fit in a linen closet with the same shaker style cabinet doors as the kitchen.


Overall, I loved how the master suite turned out.  I keep thinking how wonderful it would be to downsize and not worry about a mortgage.  With the trend of “tiny homes” this 1585 sq ft house really is plenty of space for a 4-person family.  As I continue purging “Marie Kondo” style, I think we would be able to fit comfortably in a much smaller home.  I’m crazy for even thinking this with all of the effort and construction that has gone into our current home.  But I’m finding that I don’t mind starting new, throwing things out, and moving.  I never was very sentimentally attached to things.  We’ll see…. But as for this house, I really hope the new family enjoys this space.


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