Hello, Serger

The kids got me a serger for my birthday.  I’ve been sewing for about a year, upgraded from an old Singer to a Babylock Molly sewing machine, and had been wanting to purchase a serger to have more professional finishes on the clothing I make.  My teacher had been serging the clothes I made but I wanted to be able to do it myself.  Babylock sergers start at $1000, which is way too expensive for my hobby.   E researched and ended up getting the Singer Professional 5 which was about $300.  It has great reviews.


Here are my thoughts:  It sat in my sewing studio for about a month and a half untouched because I had no idea how to use this machine and hate reading through instructions.  Unlike the sewing machine which I could pretty much use straight out of the box, I had no idea how to even thread this machine.  I ended up spending $60 for a one hour lesson at the sewing shop  where I learned how to thread the machine and do the overlock stitch to put the nice, clean finishes on the clothing I make.  However, there are so many more stitches and functions on this machine that I will probably need to go back for at least one more lesson, if not more.  Threading this machine was a bit of a nightmare, requiring the use of tweezers because there are so many tiny areas to thread through.  I found out that the Babylocks self thread with a touch of a button.  I was wishing that I had bought a Babylock instead because lessons on the machine are free when bought from the sewing store, and it’s overall so much easier to use.  However, after threading this machine every day for the last few days, it’s actually not so bad.  So, overall, I would give this Singer Serger a thumbs up, but only because I had a professional teach me how to use it.

Serger Brightened.jpg

I whipped up this tote bag and zipper pouch using this tutorial.  There is no way to hide the inside seams in this boxed zippered pouch unless you hand stitch the interior lining, which I refuse to do.  No hand stitching for me!  So, the serger came in handy to make the interior nice and neat.  I finally used this canvas cat fabric that my cousin gave me from Taiwan.  It’s pretty thick so the bag holds up pretty nicely.  A fun project to sew but I have to learn to make my bags more functional (adding interior zippers, closures, etc.)  Oh, I wish there were more hours in the day!


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