The Ruffle Dress

I took up sewing to have something fun to do with little e.  So, I’m not the only sew-er in the house.  Little e likes to make dresses for herself and presents for the family.  She’s already busy thinking about Christmas presents for this year.

I thought I’d share something that little e made mostly on her own, with just a little help from me.  She picked the fabric herself, which came with the ruffles.   I had some pink fabric lying around, which I used for the lining, but it probably would have been much better with a darker fabric.  Also, she and I have since improved a bit on our sewing skills, so this looks a little rough, and was a project from last summer.  But I’m pretty proud that she came up with the design and sewed the dress herself.


It’s probably the proud mom in me speaking, but I actually think this looks similar to a dress that I saw a few years ago from crewcuts.  It was super easy to do and we finished it in a few hours one afternoon.  Little e doesn’t have much patience beyond that.


Our sewing teacher said some of her students have put themselves through college by doing alternations on the side.  I thought it would be a useful skill for little e to have and will definitely teach patience and how to sit still.  Plus, maybe by the time she’s 13, she can be on project runway junior.  heh heh.  Or, at least, she told me her goal was to make her own wedding dress.  We’ll see…  For now, we have fun sewing together in our studio.



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