The Checkered A-Line Dress

Little e picked out this fabric over a year ago and finally made a dress with it.  She calls it “The Checkered A-Line Dress.”  She designed it herself, starting with a drawing which her teacher helped her make into a pattern.  This dress has a yolk lining and the waist band is finished on both sides.


I’m so proud of her!  She put in her own zipper and lined up the waist band perfectly.  It even has darts on it.  The fit was originally a bit wide on her so I had to take it in under the arms 3/4 inch on each side but otherwise, the dress fit perfectly.


I’ve actually never made an A-line dress yet, so I learned something from looking at her dress construction.  See the hidden zipper?


Let’s hope little e keeps up with this.   E is waiting for her to sew him a suit.  Actually, she did design a purple suit for my dad with a pink polka dotted bow tie (yet to be made).  My dad said he’ll wear it to her wedding.


“I picked this fabric because I liked the color.  I got the A-line idea from a picture of an A-line skirt on my sewing machine.  It used to be long but mom said I should shorten it above my knees so it looks better now.  I’m very pleased with it. ”

little e

Alright, I’d better learn how to sew some of my own clothes now that little e is making her own.


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