Los Angeles Brunch: LA Chapter Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel was recently mentioned on my favorite design blog, Style by Emily Henderson for its amazing design, which reminded me of when we went to eat there last year.  Below are some pictures that E took of what we ate at the LA Chapter Ace Hotel.  Being that this was over a year ago, my memory is a bit faded of how the food actually tasted.  I told E that we need to start writing down our thoughts while we’re in the moment of eating the food from now on.


E ordered this Moroccan scramble with sausage, avocado, chickpeas, cilantro and peppers.  The favors were quite unique for a scramble and tasted good.  Different, but good.  For some reason, I have this recollection that it reminded us a bit of Vietnamese favors ( even though it’s Moroccan.)  Which is actually inspiring me to come up with some Vietnamese style omelet.


Little e and c ordered these ricotta pancakes with honeycomb butter.  I remember thinking that these pancakes were very delicious, extraordinarily moist due to the ricotta and little e, being the butter lover that she is, LOVED the honeycomb butter.


My fried chicken sandwich was ok.  I remember being on this kick to find a good chicken sandwich and being disappointed by this one.  It was just too oily, and I guess who eats chicken sandwiches for breakfast?


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