Airline Stewardess Dress

Little e picked out the fabric for this dress which for some reason, reminds people of an airline stewardess uniform.  It was meant to look retro and originally, I had planned for it to be a black dress with white collar.  I’ve actually been looking for short boots to go with it, and I think I found this pair from Toms that I like, but it’s a bit expensive for children’s shoes that they outgrow in about a year.  I may luck out and find it at the Nordstrom Rack or a Tom’s warehouse sale.  But I think I may want it badly enough to go purchase it, even at full price.  We’ll see.  I figure, I’ve stopped buying clothes for little e, so I guess it’s ok to splurge on shoes?


This is the first dress I  made that has sleeves, pockets, and a collar.  It is also fully lined because I find that the dress holds its shape better when there is a lining.  Sure it’s a little more work, but worth it for me.  It fits her quite well, I think.  I always make the dresses a bit longer so that there’s room for me to let it out when she grows taller.  That way, hopefully her dresses can last about 3 years.


My teacher and I made the pattern together based on a simple drawing I did.  It’s actually my favorite dress that I’ve made for little e to date.  It’s different than most dresses I’ve seen for girls, almost like an adult dress in miniature.  My mom thought it would “look too old” on her but I think it’s cute.


She’s happy with it though overall, she either likes floor length dresses or ones that she can twirl in.  She did wear it to the school musical so I’m satisfied that it got some use.

I wonder how long she’ll be happy to wear my handmade dresses.  Her friends wouldn’t believe that I made them because I guess sewing clothing is so rare these days.  ….To think that Laura Ingalls used to hand sew those long gowns.  That would drive me crazy!


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