A Shirt for Me!

Little e and I have been busy in our sewing studio the past several weeks with Christmas presents.  Can’t share any of them as they are all wrapped up under the tree, but I did finally make something for myself.  I used one of my J Crew shirts to make the pattern and it fits pretty well, just like everything from J Crew fits me.  Over half my wardrobe is from there.

I was new to making button holes and thankfully I tested it out multiple times on fabric scraps before doing it on the actual garment because there were several kinks that had to be worked out before I could consistently make button holes.  Once again, I had only bought one yard of fabric (from Tokyo) and barely had enough to make this top.  I wanted to have pleats in the center but couldn’t spare ANY extra fabric for it.


This type of sleeveless tunic top is super versatile for me.  I wear these all of the time tucked in with dress pants/skirts, tucked out with skinny pants and jeans, and always under a cardigan.  Being that they are sleeveless, there is no bump in the arm under the cardigan and as a temperature nazi, I can leave the cardigan on when I’m cold, and take it off when I’m hot.  I plan to make many more of these, using the Liberty fabrics I purchased from London.  I’m also planning to add some 3/4 sleeves to see how it looks.

E says that the shirt makes me look pregnant.  He’s always so flattering…  Well, he’s very obsessed with fit.  I may take in the sides a little.  The original J Crew shirt was made of silk so it was more flowy and showed my form a little more.  This one is a thin cotton, so it does come off looking a little boxy.  But under the cardigan or tucked in, it’s just fine.

I asked little c to take this picture of me.  He’s turning 4 soon!  Time flies.  He loves taking pictures with my iphone.  It’s a little blurry but not too bad for a 4 year old, right?


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