Cell Phone Case

I started making cell phone cases because my sister bought these radiation pocket shields to protect your body from cell phone radiation.  These sheets are pretty expensive, I think around $20 for 3 sheets and it would be pretty expensive to buy enough to line all of her and her husband’s pants.  So, she asked me to sew pouches for them.


Now, who knows if they really block anything.  Has anyone ever tested this?  And, “up to 99%” blockage can mean anything… perhaps it can be 1%.  But in any case, it’s not too expensive to try out and according to my sister, got a lot of positive reviews.

So, I came up with this cell phone pouch.  The first one I created had Velcro dots holding the flap down but those quickly fell off.  I’ve never had any luck with those stick-on Velcro dots.  They are essentially worthless and I will not use them for any future projects.  For this pouch, I created a bar to hold down the flap.  It wasn’t too hard to make but I realized that I am not good at making repetitive projects.  I must lose interest and rush things or something because at least one thing always went wrong in the pouch making process. (Thank goodness for my ripper!)   It just reinforces the fact that I will never make items to sell.


So far I’ve made 6.  I think I’m done.  Well, I may make one for E but he doesn’t think much about cell phone radiation, probably not worth the effort of making one and when I asked my friends, none of them seemed concerned, either.  So the people that buy these radiation pocket patches are probably crazy hypochondriacs like me and my sister.


The phone fits my pouch nice and snugly.  Original prototype was way too big and a few subsequent versions were so tight that squeezing my phone in there frequently eventually ripped the seams.


Creating something that fits like a glove is harder than you think, even for something like a rectangular iphone.  Imagine making an article of clothing fit perfectly.  It makes me want to dedicate my sewing time to creating good, quality, well fitted clothes for myself.

I recently went to a Christmas party wearing my favorite outfit of all time, a perfectly fitted Hugo Boss black dress that comes down right below my knees that will never go out of style.  That dress at regular price is over $1000.  Of course, I paid much less on sale (~$300), but the thought came to me that I should learn how to make good, quality clothing because if what I make is ordinary or poorly constructed, I might as well just buy it ready made (not to say ready made clothing is poor quality).  But if I learn to and invest the time to make something well fitted, well made, and unique, it is totally worth it because something like that would cost more than $1000.


Check out 10 Sewing Mistakes that will Make Your Clothing Look Homemade.  I’m going to ask my sewing teacher about some of these.  But boy, I really came a long way.  I first started sewing because I wanted little e to learn and since her sewing teacher was driving out to our house to do the lesson, I wanted to give her more hours.  The first thing I said to her was that I wanted to learn to make easy things like pillows and curtains and maybe learning to hem pants.  I had no interest in making clothing.  Look at me, now, I’m completely hooked!

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