Brasserie Séoul, Brooklyn NY

Food posts have been scarce on the blog, mainly because when I get my food, I just want to eat it, and not take pictures of it, and also because the lighting in restaurants is not that great and I’m just taking pictures with my iphone.  But I still think it’s good to document good food that I eat so I remember and can recommend to my friends when they happen to be in that area.

E, little c, and I were in Brooklyn, NY recently to check out the Brooklyn Flea and eat some good food.  We made it to the Winter Flea and Holiday Market which was located indoors, really wonderful when the weather is freezing outside.  I snagged a vintage New Yorker cover from 1973 for my travel wall (place where I hang paintings/posters, etc that I pick up in different cities) and also some snacks downstairs (none of which I took pictures of) including mac n cheese, a Shanghainese Burrito (interesting), hot chocolate, and strawberry lemonade.


E will never substitute snacks for dinner (food is too important to him) so we looked for a proper sit down place and ended up at the Brasserie Seoul which is connected to a Holiday Inn.  It’s a French, Korean Fusion place and had the best vegetarian BimBimbap that I’ve ever eaten.  Even E liked it, and he pretty much is a carnivore, so much so that we ordered a second one to share.  E is also more Korean than some actual Koreans, and loves Korean food more than most cuisines, though you can say he loves food more than most of everything else in the world.  He really should be writing these food posts (ahem) but he’s more of a “delegater”.

We ordered the beef tartare, calamarie salad, ginger salmon, duck bimbimbap, and 2 orders of the mushroom bimbimbap.

The beef tartare was very good, but the main complaint is that they didn’t give enough toast.  E showed the waiter a picture on yelp that showed bigger portions but they said they’ve since decreased their portion size… not cool.


Calamarie salad was ok with a spicy/sweet mayo taste, but nothing amazing.


Now the mushroom bimbimbap, that was soooo gooooooood.  It had rice, mushrooms, quinoa, carrots , zucchini, daikon, kale  and water crest with the usual chile pepper paste you mix in.  The duck one was pretty good, too, BUT both of us wanted seconds of the mushroom bimbimbap, it was that good.  The flavor was just perfect.  It’s true that mushrooms add a lot of umami, and the texture of the quinoa was perfect with rice.  I originally thought it was weird to mix quinoa with rice and I personally have not really liked eating quinoa but just ate it because I knew it was good for me.  This on the other hand, I actually enjoyed eating, so much so that neither of us bothered to take a single picture.  It was inhaled after we each tasted our first bite.  I can’t remember much about the ginger salmon so it probably wasn’t anything special, just your typical salmon.

Now, the other memorable thing was the dessert….  oooo it was so delicious.  It was recommended by our waiter and is their take on a banana split.  Those stumps are grilled bananas topped with cream and dusted with powdered sugar and chocolate balls with rice crispies inside.  There’s a scoop of ice cream on the side on top of some kind flakey pastry. Oh, it was so, so, good.  I easily could have eaten this all by myself but I shared.  I love this type of dessert, not too sweet, not to heavy, complimentary flavors and textures, just hits the spot.


This place is worth going to and I definitely will be stopping by next time I’m in Brooklyn.


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