Princess “Lounge Wear”

I want to develop a line of pajamas for little girls that would make them feel like a princess, made with high quality, soft fabric, in a “non tacky” design.  The Disney princess pajamas are poor quality (almost costume-like) and in my opinion, rather tacky and uncomfortable.  I wanted to use the same material that is used to make those popular baby swaddles by aden + anis, a very soft muslin that is warm, but yet breathable.  Actually, my mom told me that’s what babies wear in Taiwan and I guess it’s just been made popular in the US by aden + anis.

However, the US has strict standards about children’s pajamas and the need to be fire retardant, or else, tight fitting.  The restriction apparently doesn’t apply to babies, which is why this material can be used for baby products, although don’t quote me on this.  I haven’t done enough research.  In my mind, having my kids wear pajamas sprayed with fire retardant  seems counter intuitive to all of the efforts I make trying to have the family eat organic, use non toxic shampoos, detergents, etc.  I assume not having them catch fire is more important but I wonder what the risk/probability of that is.  So, a friend suggested that I call these princess clothes, lounge wear rather than pajamas.


I found this muslin at the fabric store and it is not cheap.  The solid peach/pink fabric was $17 per yard and the white patterned fabric was $12 or $13 per yard, making the materials alone about $30.  That’s more than I would spend on pre-made pajamas but I couldn’t find anything like this anywhere (or maybe I just don’t shop that much.)

E took one look and said, ugh, it looks like Pride and Prejudice.  That is exactly the look I was going for!  I guess guys don’t appreciate this look because E vetoed me making one for myself.  Or maybe it’s just E.

I really like it, though, and plan to make some for my friends’ kids if time permits.  Maybe I’m the only one in the whole world that likes something like this which is why it isn’t currently commercially available.  That would make me really unique.  heh heh.  In any case, every time I see little e in it, which is every night, it makes me happy.  Maybe I WILL make one for myself.


“The dress is very comfortable.  I like the design because it’s got dandelions on it and it makes me feel dreamy because dandelions are supposed to grant wishes.  It’s fun to float around in it and act like a princess.”                                                                                                      –                                                                                                                                                   Little e

I should gather some more feedback from little e’s friends after I make a batch and see what they think.

ps. excuse the messy room.  We’re still working on little e’s cleaning habits.