Los Angeles Brunch Spot: Poppy + Rose

On Saturdays, my family likes to go to different restaurants for brunch.   A more recent favorite is Poppy + Rose which is located right in the Los Angeles Flower Mart. Parking in the deck of the Flower Mart has never been a problem for us (not difficult to find a space) and is only $4.   With validation at Poppy + Rose, it’s even cheaper, at only $2 for the entire day, I believe. You can’t find parking for that price anywhere in downtown LA.

Besides the delicious brunch food, which we’ll get to in a second, I get to pick up flowers from the Flower Mart, and then walk a quick few blocks over into the Fashion District where I go with little E to pick up fabric, notions, and beads.  It’s a win win for the entire family as E and little c can leisurely finish their brunch while little e and I go do our shopping.  After brunch, E and little c head right outside to the street market where they always buy our favorite Mexican fruit drink, Agua Fresca.  There are many flavors but we get the mango and passion fruit drinks, which are really good, and packed with fresh fruit.  It always tastes surprisingly natural to me when it looks like it could be artificial tasting.


Now, onto the Poppy + Rose menu.  Our all time favorite is this pulled pork hash on top of a potato patty topped with crème fraîche and two eggs cooked however you like, with some arugula.  This must have been little e’s order because she likes her eggs fried, while E would have liked it with runny eggs, sunny side up.  The pulled pork is BBQ flavored and cooked so that it’s perfectly tender and soft.  That potato patty is probably the best “hash brown” I’ve ever head, with great flavor and a wonderful crunchy exterior.


E ordered a short rib french dip sandwich off of the lunch menu.  …Very tasty and the meat was nice and juicy.  I usually order the rib tips breakfast burrito  which includes ribs, eggs, cheese, brick hash (same hash that I described above but cut in pieces), crème fraîche, BBQ sauce, and mixed greens.  Having BBQ ribs inside your breakfast burrito is a very nice touch.  I don’t have a picture, though, because I realize I rarely take pictures of my food.  E always likes to take pictures and post them on yelp, so I had to go through his phone to pull out old pictures.  I probably started eating too quickly for him to get a shot.  I’m always starving at meal times.


Lastly, we ordered steel cut oatmeal for little c.  I wanted to get him something healthier, and he tends to eat better when we can feed him things with a spoon (rather than having him pick up a sandwich, or a burrito).  Unfortunately, he was not a fan.  Nothing special about the oatmeal and the fruit was sour so he didn’t even want that (though he normally loves fruit.)  Oh well.

But otherwise, this is a great place, though the lines get long on the weekend.  However, if you have multiple people in the party, one person can wait while the others shop the flower mart.  There is so much to see!