Pouches for our Soccer Team

Being a soccer mom is brand new for me.  I am probably one of the most sedentary people in the world and could not have any less interest in sports, either playing or watching.  In fact, I had a Chinese Herbalist tell me that my body type is not suited for exercise, which validated my feelings of dislike for any type of physical exertion.  OK, maybe I’m being extreme.  I am quite health conscious  so I do like to take walks.

So how in the world did little e end up playing soccer this year and I end up taking her to two practices each week and 1 to 2 games each weekend?  I don’t know.  It was all E’s ploy. He convinced me that it would be so beneficial for little e to learn how to work with a team, become more comfortable around other people, be disciplined, learn how to encourage other team members, and make good friends.  Somehow, I am now a soccer mom and I actually get excited and cheer for our team, which is, by the way, ranked #2 in our league.  See, how proud I am?

The families take turns providing after game snacks for the girls and they usually get a brown paper bag filled with a drink, fruit, and some chips or salty snack.  I thought it would be fun for me and little e to sew fabric pouches for the girls with their team name embroidered on it and put the snacks in there.  My preliminary searches for embroidery machines resulted in ones that were $1000+, way too expensive for my purposes.  Finally, a week before our turn to provide snacks, I came up with the idea to write their team name with puffy fabric paint.  The only problem is that my hand writing is not great and I thought it would come out looking like a 5 year old’s school project.  Thankfully, one of my friends helped (hers are the nice ones) while I did a few because we were running out of time.


I used a canvas fabric my mom brought back from Taiwan and picked up some braided rope-like string from Joanne’s.  That string was actually rather expensive, about $2 a yard and I needed about 1.25 yards per pouch.  Good thing I had the 50% off coupon so it brought the price down to $1 per yard.  However, I didn’t have enough for 2 pouches so I went to Michael’s and found a whole spool worth (10 yards) for $1.  It wasn’t quite as nice, but for the cost, it was a great deal.  I plan on making a lot more pouches so I’ll remember to go to Michael’s from now on.

They are not lined but the insides are nicely finished with the serger.  I love that thing!


Here they are all stuffed with food.  E had the task of getting food and we got nutella sticks, pirate’s booty cheese puffs, organic juice, fruit jellies and fresh strawberries (which could also be dipped into the nutella.)   I think the girls were pretty happy!  They were playing against the number 1 ranked team in the league and they lost, the first game they lost all season.  They were a bit bummed so I was happy that the pouches brightened their day for a moment.

So just a few days ago, I decided to look further into embroidery machines and found this one for only $299 at Staples.  With an additional 20% off coupon, I got it at $240 and it just arrived on my doorstep today.  Little e and I can’t wait to break that open.  I will be embroidering everything!  Towels, shirts, pouches, bags, you name it!  William Sonoma now has that Mark and Graham store where everything is monogrammed .  That website is giving me a lot of inspiration for things to make.  Little e has volunteered to read through the instructions and set things up.  Let the monogramming begin!