Sara Bareilles Outfit

Simple skirts with elastic waist bands are so satisfying to make.  They are incredibly easy (15-30 minutes), great for using up your fabric stash, and something that is actually very useful.  Little e would wear skirts and dresses every day of the week if I let her.  As such, having a large stash of these skirts that she pairs with button downs, fitted t-shirts, and cardigans is very handy.  It is also one of the rare sewing projects that makes economic sense, as well.  Often, it’s cheaper to buy a ready-made outfit than spend the time and money on fabric and sewing.  However, being that these skirts use only 1 yard of fabric and are so easy and quick to make, it makes me extra happy to be able to put my sewing skills to use and save some money while making a unique outfit.


E commented that I dressed little e like Sara Bareilles, hence the title of this post.  The chambray shirt is from Target and was only $14.99.  As for the short boots, I did finally splurge on them from Nordstrom for $69.95 and they are so worth it.  They go with a lot of her winter dresses and skirts.  In fact, I tried on a size 6 (largest girl size) myself, but they were a bit tight.  Otherwise, I would have totally bought a matching pair.


The fabric my sister picked up when she was in Tokyo.  It is a cotton fabric with thin white and beige stripes and is a bit crinkly, which adds a little bit of texture.  I didn’t make a lining for this skirt because the fabric was thick enough but I plan to make one out of thin Liberty fabric and will need to add a lining to that.  When shopping at Nordstrom for the boots, I was inspired by this liberty print skirt from peek that was probably like $50. Granted that Liberty fabric is like $36 per yard, the $50 price tag makes sense, but it still feels good to make the skirt for less and also enjoy the sewing process.  Plus, wouldn’t a liberty print skirt look great paired with little e’s new boots and a fall cardigan?


It’s off to the sewing studio for me.