Button Down Shirt

Finally I made something for little c.  He was wondering why I never made anything for him and I started feeling bad.  Honestly, I didn’t have any interest making boys/men’s clothing.  It just seems boring.  But, since he asked, I thought I’d make him a simple, short sleeve button down shirt.  So, shirts aren’t quite so simple, though it wasn’t very difficult either.  There are just a lot of steps and parts to put together as well as a lot of edge stitching for decorative lines.


I’m quite proud of the results as (to me at least) it looks like a professionally finished piece on the inside and out, thanks to the yolk on the inside, and my serger.  The fabric my sister picked up from Tokyo and is perfect for button down shirts.

Little c wore it to his Christmas Play.  He’s such a goofball these days and loves to be in front of the camera.  It fits him perfectly so I’m having him wear it with long sleeve shirts underneath before he outgrows them in the summer.

I can’t seem to get one good picture of him smiling normally!

I was just telling my friend that I love sewing because it’s so satisfying to have a finished product that is useful.  But even beyond that, I love the process itself as it allows me to focus all of my attention, my mind and my hands, on a task… very stress relieving, as long as I’m not rushed to finish a project for any kind of deadline (like Christmas presents.)

E wants me to make a matching shirt for him and little c, and my dad wants me to make him a jacket.  It’s off to fabric shopping for me during Christmas break.